Makeup Musts!

Makeup is all about experimenting and showing off your creativity. I work within makeup and also do it on an everyday basis so for me over the years I have found products that have just worked, the ones that I think are worth the money ! 

Okay so I’ll start off with face makeup,

For me foundation has to be full coverage, I either do full coverage or none at all basically. The one that I have been absolutely loving recently is the “Becca Ultimate coverage foundation” this foundation is full coverage but doesn’t sit on your skin to create a caked look, it blends easy and give a healthy appearance to the face, you do have to be very moisturised and hydrated before applying this foundation. The staying power is incredible.

I am all about cream contour, I find that doing a cream contour and setting it with a powder just intensify that apperence if prominent facial structures. My boyfriend recently bought me the “iconic London cream contour kit” I am obsessed it’s so easy to blend out and really last all day in creating a sculpted look, the colours are all highly pigmented and apply soft to the skin.

I recently visited New York and when I was over there I of course visited the infinate Sephora, I was in heaven!! I had heard a lot of reviews about the cover FX drops so I wanted to give them a try, I picked up the highlighter drops. At first I found that I wasn’t blending it on my cheekbones right but once I got used to the products I was seriously impressed it creates a glow like no other. It last all day. I infact use it as a base for my powder highlight to really intensify that glow. A little bit defiantly goes a long way with this product and I would highly recommend it!


Eyes for me is the one area that can make or break a makeup look. I am obsessed with eye makeup and experimenting with a range of tones and creating fun unique looks.

Palettes are like my babies I will treasure them the one palette I have been OBSESSED with like may it’s the “Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renassience palette” I had never really tied out pinks on my eyes I was always into dark blues and purples but I couldn’t hold myself back from purchasing the palette!! All the colours are beautiful and highly pigmented they all blend semelessly and within the palette you can create a range of natural or bold eye looks.

For me finding a mascara that works and lasts is hard I want to define my lashes and provide a lasting look that will make my eye makeup stand out. The one that I have been obsessed with recently is the “two faced better than sex mascara”. The wand is perfect and creates a curled yet bold eyelash it’s alsmost like a “your lash but better”.

Liquid eyeliner is a product that I have a love hate relationship towards. I have to have a liner that is wet and is a thin nid. The one liner that I have found to work is the Clinique pretty easy liner. It’s highly pigmented and lady all day, very easy to apply and easy to clean up.


Recently I’ve been into a red lip, it’s elegant and bold; a statement piece. The one product that I’ve been loving is the L’Oréal lipstick in Eva’s Red. It’s a stunning colour, easy to apply and last all day with no fading. It doesn’t crack on your lips at all.
Is there any products you would recommend? 



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