Spring Essential: GALifornia Blush


If you know me you will know I am not a blush girl. Bronzer.. YES!! Highlighter …Yes!! Blusher… meh?? First things first for me to actually purchase a blusher is a rare occurrence, it has to be pretty special for me to buy it…. and not just buy it for the gram!!

Myself and Hannah were in  Spitalfields market recently before crepe city… Vlog:  https://youtu.be/Jk_qvqQE7mg and came across the benefit store, of course we had to pop in. Brows, Blush and Bright lights surrounded the room. As I wandered round I saw GALifornia blush upon the main stand and as I’m a sucker for a new makeup product I had to swatch it, Didn’t I. (keep in mind I’m not a blush girl.) As soon as I swatched it I was hooked and was coming up with reasons as to why I shouldn’t buy it but I couldn’t find any, so it ended up from my hand to my handbag… no regrets.

First off look at how stunning it is with the golden sheen running through from the top to bottom. Its not overpowering and the blush is very buildable, along with the glow. For me its that perfect blush colour not too pink and not to dark its that perfect in-between. The main thing that I love about it is the glow it provides, once the light hits it creates the most stunning golden glow. Its not chalky and is quite finely milled, allowing for that gentle build up of pigment to occur.

I have recently found myself wearing this everyday in my everyday routine.

What do you think of it?


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