Dull to Glow // Skincare

Now I have a confession, I am the worst at skincare… well I used to be anyway.

I don’t know why really I found skincare to take so long and I found the same outcome with some of the products I was using to be the same as a makeup wipe. I used to swear by makeup wipes but in all honesty thats such an expensive way of taking your makeup off. I used to use the Emma Harding Cleansing Balm to remove my makeup and I will repurchase once I can afford it as it is quite pricey and I want to browse for more cheaper alternatives that is just as good.

My skin used to be so dull and lifeless, I was unconfident and wanted to make a change, my redness used to be more prominent, and I just felt like my skin wasn’t progressing and I was in a roundabout going round and around, I never found a routine that worked for me, or I would want to try out other products but I never had a consistent routine. For your skin to get a benefit of the product you need to be consistent with the products, results show in around 2 weeks.I realised  I needed to change up my skincare when one day I woke up with some spots. This could be that I was mixing my skincare up, so my skin had no time to adjust but I have found that with skincare less is more , finding a few products that work for you is better than using hundreds of products that will mess your skin around. now I know a lot of people suffer with spots but for me I have only ever got spots when its my time of the month, you understand? Honestly I do understand how lucky I am with my skin, I know I am very self conscious of all my redness but I am very lucky to have never had any real issues.

I went into my local boots and started to browse, The main thing I was after was a cleansing balm, I’m obsessed with cleansing balms, it makes taking off your makeup so much easier. The cleansing balm I bought and have to say been in love with is the L’Oreal cleansing balm ‘Fine Flowers’.This is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, The balm is more of a cream/moisturiser, which I’m all for as my skin is particularly dry in areas. applying the smallest amount and massaging it around your face, melts the makeup away. The moister from the balm sinks into your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and gentle all day, also I’ve noticed my skin is a lot more glowy..Not Complaining. I use this cleansing balm both day and night even days when im not wearing makeup, it allows for my skin to be refreshed and look its best.

To wipe away the melted makeup I have been using the Garnier Rose Water Tonic. This I found has really removed every bit of dirt and build up from my face. Its harsh on dirt but not on skin. It also works along with the cleansing balm to hydrate and cleanse the skin.

Finally I have began to use a serum to Contract discolouration in my skin and tighten my pores. I have only been using this for a couple of day but I have really noticed a difference with how my skin is looking.

Overall these products have really become staples in my skincare and I would 100% recommend them all, I’ve now gone from lazy to skincare obsessed, my skin is looking healthy, dewy and most of all I am feeling a lot more confident with not wearing makeup.

what skin care would you recommend ??





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