Building up a wardrobe

Fashion is ever changing and finding your style is something that is important, its about becoming an individual. with fashion becoming more and more expensive by the day and brands constantly dropping new releases each week leaving a dent in our bank accounts, I thought its important for me to write a post on how you can build up a wardrobe to suit your fashion style… for less.

For me my style is street and urban which is very on trend but I feel most comfortable wearing that sort of attire. Street wear is one of the most expensive styles to get right in my opinion so many people notice fakes and some high-street brands try to do copies that in my eyes don’t work. Style should make you feel confident and be yourself,  I have a few tips on how to create a new wardrobe.

  1. Know your style: Its all well and good seeing a celebrity wear the latest trend but these people and you wanting to buy it but its whether you will feel comfortable in it, in my eyes there’s no point splurging £100 on a new top when you can get 5 new tops instead. these items you buy that are worth a crazy amount in the end you don’t wear them as much if you’re not comfortable in them, so its a waste of money and wardrobe space.
  2. Spend your money wisely: Yes we’ve all seen basic items of clothing from big brands going for about £50 but its just not worth it, you’re better off spending less on the basics and more on the items that are staples. I spend more on shoes and jackets because I know I will get the most use out of those, shoes especially the amount of times I’ve bought cheap pairs of trainers I should have just spent the money of a better quality pair that don’t break after 5 minutes. I myself find that investing in the items you know will last is more beneficial than a random top that you just chuck on, as you all probably agree with.
  3. Wait for sales/discounts: We’ve all suddenly seen some shoes drop that we want and are desperate to have, but when you buy the in a few weeks time you see them for 20% off… frustrating right but it happens all the time. The best thing to do is wait it out, you could be saving more than you think.
  4. Groups: Now you might be thinking why are groups relevant in this but joining Facebook groups relevant to the fashion you’re into is very beneficial. People resell stuff for lower prices and also they help sort you out with discount codes.
  5. Charity’s: A lot of charity shops if you look have some good items from good brands, also charity shops are a good place to customise items, and also you’re giving money to a good cause.
  6. Don’t Rush: The main thing I don’t recommend doing is splurging all youre money at once as soon as you find a style you suit. Gradually build it up over time, don’t buy something because its the latest thing, eventually it will become ‘Boring and old’, buy staple items.

What’s your style?

thank you for reading




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