Strawberries and Creem 2017

From Mr Boombastic to the godfather of grime, it all went down in Cambridge on Saturday 17th June.

I was lucky enough to get hold of tickets for the festival in my hometown just days before thanks to Select Models. I had always wanted to attend this festival the line up was right up my street. Myself and my two friends attended arriving there at around 2 straight after I finished work, luckily at my work it was festival weekend meaning we could be as glittery as possible. Perfect!!!

My makeup was a natural flawless glowy face, but bold colourful eyes with glitter of course. my hair was done by my best friend Millie she is my go to for braids, I also put some hair glitter in just because why not. My outfit was a mesh top from HM and My American Apparel Tennis Skirt.

As soon as we got through and we were given our wristbands the atmosphere of the place was buzzing, everyone there was so friendly and very respectful towards each other, I made so many new friends there. If you’re into Drum and Bass and grime this festival is one for you. All the acts were amazing and you could see they put 100% into their performance yet still remained chilled.  It was a scorcher of a day so myself and a few others sat in the shade for a little while to cool down. We were fairly close throughout the show during Wiley and Shaggy I was at the barrier near to the centre of the stage, perfect view. I have to say my favourite act was either J Hus or Wiley, but they were all amazing. It wasn’t just the acts that made it a great day it was the people both the audience and the security. The security were laid back but also when needed had authority, that’s how it should be. The whole vibe of the area was one to remember, everyone was so friendly offering to help, making friends was very easy there.


I will 100% be attending next year. I have also purchased tickets for more festivals now, my summer is looking good.

Did you attend? or are you attending any festivals?



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