Newly Naked: Urban Decay realeases

Urban Decay have had two huge releases recently and I was lucky enough to get my hands on both of them.

First off I want to start by saying No the Urban Decay Heat palette is not out yet I belive the release is either the end of this month or july, but on the 12th June I believe they did an exclusive launch on the website only stocking around 5000, which seems a lot but for the hype that was over it went in seconds. I was over the moon when I had the comfirmation that it was coming.


I want to first start with the Skin Shaper palette. I got mine in Light/Medium. So in this palette its a two in one, with a mirror separating each half. One side you have the cream products so concealers colour correctors and a cream contour shade and the other side you have powders so a banana power a highlighter and two bronze/contour shade. The packaging is very sleek and good quality. I have been using the powders more than the cream products, I love how they blend out, at first I wasn’t too keen on them but since playing round and using different brushes I’ve worked out its the brush that makes the difference with these. They are very pigmented and a little bit does go a long way. The colours and the undertones of the colours are perfect and not too warm on the skin. I was worried that the contour shade would be muddy but it blends out beautifully.


The heat palette… I honestly have nothing bad to say about this palette, First its absolutely stunning like I didn’t want to touch it, its so  beautiful. The Brush that comes with it is honestly amazing, of course its the classic Duo ended brush.   Its very dense and amazing to pack colour on, but also disperses the pigment evenly making it blemd out  with no harsh lines. The eye shadows in itself are stunning and highly pigmented, From your Neutrals to your dark tones this palette is versatile to suit your preferred look. The eye shadows last all day, but then again that could be the primer I’m using. They blend out beautifully but you can still see each individual shade, There is no fall out in the palette not even the glitter shades!!. This palette is defiantly one to get, in my eyes its the perfect palette!!

All in all both products are a must for any makeup lover, not only are they sleek and stylish but also the quality of the product is one that cannot be beaten.

Have you tried the new products out??



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