Alive’ David Coslett

I got the chance to review a new single by David Coslett, an upcoming artist. Music for me I have a specific taste and for me to branch out and listen to another genre is rare but I’m up for new things. My normal music taste is Drum and Bass and Rap the occasional pop but it isn’t my go to.

The song alive from my point of view is about waiting for a girl. The song starts off very slow with a gentle build up throughout the song to a desperate search for the girl. for me both the single and the artwork work together with the art work showing a bright distant light with strong hues of bright warm tones, this to me seems like a symbol that this girl is the light he is searching for. The tone in his voice is patterning in time with the beat, creating a consistent rythem. I like the gentle female voice in the background helping bring both Davids and the backing tracks tones together as one. For me a song has to tell a story for me to physically engage in it, the lyrics have to fit with the backing track. The consistent flow in the track takes you on a journey in this song, a journey to discovering his love and passion for this girl.

My overall take on the song is that a story is being told through his passion for how this girl makes him, she brings out the good and he wants to cherish that. The slow burning beat that steps up throughout the song defines how hes feeling about the girl and how throughout time his passion grows for this girl.

Listen to it here:


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