A Bape Sofa did you say?

Yes, yesterday Saturday 29th July saw the return of Crepe City. I say that like its been gone for years. Crepe City is a street wear Event held in Shoreditch that happens 3 times a year, with people selling everything a Hype-Beast could wish for, from boxed logos to Supreme X Louis Vuitton, you name it, it was most probably there.

This was my Second Crepe city event, attending the previous one in March, and I have to say I enjoyed this one a lot more, not just because I was VIP, but because it was smaller, only on one floor and less people, due to ‘The Basement’ having their Pop Up shop in central London.

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend this event by ‘Jason Markk’ , if you want your crepes cleaned go to them. I now have a bag full of crepe protect products, so I don’t need to worry.

It was a long  but very enjoyable day. I helped the Jason Markk team set up from 7:30 am it all kicked off, as we went to the warehouse to collect items for set up. We went for a minimalistic or as I called it a tumblr effect to the set up. With hanging plants to a Bape sofa, in which everyone was wanting to buy. The Jason Markk stall was a complimentary shoe cleaning service with the team dressed in Dickie’s, and  Reece and Mikill on the Mics, calling out anyone with the slightest mark on their shoes. They even called me out!!

Everyone was flexing!! Gucci trainers to head to toe in BAPE, the cash was flowing to pick up Dead stock and Garms. I was happy to see is the range this time in shoes, last time it was mostly YEEZYS, but this time I saw everything from Gucci Sliders to Louis Vuitton to 97s. Everyone had different styles that they were flexing. Cameras were out all day to capture shots for the gram, Even I did, Insta; @Marthar0se .. follow if you like.

As I was there all day I was able to go around every single stall about 10 times talking to the sellers trying to get deals, but the deals were still too much for some items. Towards the end all the people recognised me but that’s because of my trousers, and yes I did have the comments of “I didn’t even realise you were wearing trousers”, with me subtly rolling my eyes. I went there not expecting to Cop Anything as I’m trying to save money but I did manage to cop a Ralph Lauren piece, in which will be a staple festival piece for me  (Pics coming soon, so keep an eye out).

The whole atmosphere of the place was booming and everyone was there for the same reason, for fashion. I made many contacts there even being offered some modelling jobs. I was on my own most of the day as my friends were working, but I made many new friends, you could literally go up to someone and say you loved their shoes and then end up in a 10 minute convo with them, with the self promos of each others social media accounts. Of course!

It wasn’t  just the selling stalls there, there was a DJ who was banging out the tunes, even played some Drum and Bass at the time I needed it most, a little pick me up. There was Arcade games, Ping pong, even a barbers dishing out the Fades. On the Campus there was also an All Saints warehouse clearance  with the infamous leather jackets (Retail 400+) for £150,Bargain!! Along with my priority of the day, the food area, with burritos and brownies being supplied.

If you were there that day let me know what you got, I’m already saving some money aside for next crepe city, you know what they say go big or go home.






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