Creps, Camo and Taking on the Big City


Following on from my various social media posts about attending crepe city I have had many questions about my outfit of choice, so of course as I’m a people pleaser I thought I would write a post dedicated to my attire.

Camouflage is very much in (which I’m loving)styling it can be hard. Its a very bold thing to pull off especially if like me you ordered coloured Camo trousers and your used to having a wardrobe like Wednesday Adams. With Camouflage being a talking point within the street wear fashion community at this current moment I was expecting more people to be Flexing it, but no I could count the number of people wearing camo on my hands. Of course as I was one of the people wearing it so everyone took the opportunity to  questioned if I was wearing trousers.. in which I subtly rolled my eyes, if you can even subtly roll your eyes. On the plus side I got told I was one of the most stylish girls there and that’s coming from ‘Hypebeast’s’ so at least I impressed some people.

So for me going to crepe city my main concern was “What shoes was I going to wear??” I know for a week that was my biggest concern… oh and also why was there no halloumi in my house but that’s not relevant. I opted for the classic Nike 97s otherwise known as “Silver Bullets”. I chose these as the Red Nike tick would compliment my trousers. For me the Silver Bullets are absolutely stunning and I just love how they work with any outfit. Not only that but I love how they have light reflective strips running along them. The “Silver Bullets” for me have been a staple shoe but I am very excited for the release of the new 97s this week (August 3rd), which ones are you wanting?. I’m stuck between the greys or pinks.

On my top half I wore a pink bra to add some more colour (No more Wednesday Adams for me) This bra had a detailing across my chest area that pulled the whole look together, with the way it peeped out of my Bralette that I partnered with it . over the top of these two I wore a mesh glittery body suit to really tie the whole look together.  I loved how the little detailing’s from the bra and the intricate glitter in the body suit all complimented each other. I know I wasn’t wearing Supreme or Palace like most individuals there but my look was more unique in my opinion, and it probably cost less than a boxed Logo so there you go.

Let me know what your favourite style is at the moment.






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