A fresh start 

First off I want to start by apologising for being so distant the last couple of weeks, I’ve been suffering with an illness and had a few personal family issues but everything is sorted now and I promise you guys I’m back on my best form.

A new start… this title might be alluring to you guys, by a fresh start I mean it in the sense of a cleanse, I’ve really focused on myself the past weeks and found who my true friends are and focused on the people who will be in my life for a long time rather than a period of time. I’ve taken time to do excersise and really make me feel good about myself, I’ve been eating healthy yet still allowing myself treats but most importantly I’ve been enjoying my life and taking everyday as it comes. 

Next week makes the start of a VERY Important  chapter in my life, i will begin studying in London, shoreditch to be precise, not only am I excited for this chapter to start, I am excited to see where it will take me and of course I’ll do weekly updates for you guys.Not only will I be studying I also plan on working and earning money so that I can visit all my friends and boyfriend who will be going off to uni luckily most of them aren’t going too far… but they can’t get rid of me that easily. 

Now I know for a fact my blog will be on its top game during autumn and winter just with all the exciting events I have lined up… oh and of course Autumn and Winter fashion and beauty… I’m in my element with that. 

Stay tuned 

Big love



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