Off White

Fashion is a massive passion of mine, we all have different styles and my style is defiantly Streetwear but I put a girly twist on it. One brand that I am a massive fan of is “Off White” the brand has grown masivly within the last few years and the success is all down to the designers. 

I was asked by my friend Jan who is a Cambridge based photographer, snapping pics for Nike and hypebeast, to do a photo shoot with him, of course I wouldn’t pass up on this offer. Wearing my Nike 95s premium and my off white top along with a simple black skirt. Taking the pictures on top of a car park with the picturesque Cambridge skyline in the background.  I wanted the images to have an attitude about them as I find streetwear has a lot of confident models with the extravengant outfits needing confidence to pull it off.

This outfit is one I will be wearing a lot coming up to the colder months, I hope you guys are ready for my autumnal outfit posts!



Twitter: @marthar0se

Instagram: @marthar0se


2 thoughts on “Off White

  1. As a guy that’s, for the lack of a better term, quite metrosexual I have to say your blog is quite interesting.

    I can’t really talk about fashion to the extent which your blog goes through with my own friends, at least without being called “gay” or pretentious 😂, and so, with the writing style of your blog, it’s almost a substitute for that.

    Keep it up, loving your content.

    A follower of your blog 😊

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