Roses and Gigham.


If you are in the street wear community then you would have heard of groups called ‘The Basement’ and ‘The Baesment’. I was browsing in ‘The Baesment’ and came across a girl called Kate McIntyre. Kate customises her own tees and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to have my own custom tee made for me.The tee cost £18 and I received it within a week of choosing my design.  I opted for a tee that was simple yet one you couldn’t find anywhere else. Of course as all you guys know my middle name is Rose so o I had to incorporate that onto my tee. With typography of ‘F**k you’ underneath this tee is defiantly a wear for my more sassy days, so if I’m wearing this just don’t even bother talking to me. I love the whole look of this top with its sassy slogan and overall appearance, the design works perfectly in proportion wise to how I wanted it, not too big and not too small.

Kate’s Instagrams :

I paired this top with my new favourite trousers, they’re from Pretty little thing and they are a frilly gingham style trouser, very cute and stylish. I have worn them constantly. You cant see it in the pictures but I wore my Pink Nike 95’s with this outfit. I loved the variety in patterns and colours and how they all worked well together in creating a Girly street style fit.

What do you think??



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