Anti fashion haul 


You may be thinking what the hell am I on about with the title of this blog post. What I mean by Anti fashion is items I shall not be buying, don’t get me wrong some items I’ve shown I would love to own if only they had a slight change about them in which I shall go into.

This is not a hate post just me merely stating my thoughts as to why (if I had the money) I would still not buy the items.

Balenciaga triple S

These shoes have been the hype of the streetwear community recently with the launch nearing. Retailing at around £600!! Don’t get me wrong I love balenciaga as a brand but as far as these trainers go I won’t be purchasing them! My main reason is, is that for how much they cost I know I won’t get that much wear out of them, I’m not a fan of the colour ways that are avail or to purchase, in my case it would be a waste of money. But if you do purchase them let me know what you think about them!!

Michal Kores Classic handbag

I’ve never been that girl to obsess over Michael kores all my friends have items from there but personally I don’t get the appeal. The bags retail around £270 personally you are just paying for the name with these bags, there is little details, it’s just a basic bag at the end of the day. I won’t ever be buying Michael kores for the reason that I find the brand overrated!! Again this is a personal opinion, if you are a michael kores girl I’m sure you are very happy with your purchases!

Skepta X Nike 97s

When these shoes first launch I was desperate for them, but I missed the drop!! Instead I bought the new Nike 97s grey! As I look closer at the skepta nikes I start to find reasons as to why I’m happy I diddnt but them! I love the colour way but my main reason for not wanting them is the green, if the green was not on the show I would be all for them and would even pay resale

Off whiteX Nike collaboration

Now if you saw my previous post you would know that off white is one of my favourite high end designers, the effortless inactive designs get me everytime… but the collaboration with Nike with the trainers being sold for around £1000 maybe more at resale is ridiculous especially the ones that have a tiny bit of typeography on them. Knowing my luck I’d wear them and they would get dirty straight away maybe even crepe protect wouldn’t save mine.

PumaX solepack

With these creps I’m just going cut straight to the point and say I’m not a fan of the style, it’s not a show I would look at if someone had them on and think I need those in my life.

St Laurent sequinned backback

Don’t get my wrong, I would love to be able to say at my age that I can just straight out buy a St Laurent bag, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. The reason I won’t be buying the sequinned st Laurent bag is due to the fact that no matter how amazing the quality of an is I’ve found that added details such as sequins always fall off, frustrating isn’t it. The St Laurent back pack I’m after is the plain black one with the gold encresseded into it, yes you guys already know it’s on my birthday list!!

Kendall and Kylie jeans: 

Now I was in London the other day in selfridges and spotted the Kendall and Kylie collection, I’ve always wanted items from it but money, I saw these jeans that are right up my street and haven’t seen anything like it before (if you have please link below). But personally I shall not be buying them due to the fact that the price of them I can’t justify spending that much on a pair of jeans that I probably wouldn’t get use out of, I’m not a jeans gal so what the point in spending hundreds on something for a insta pic!

Like I’ve mentioned all of these are my own opinions, everyone has different styles!! Please don’t be offended if I’ve mentioned something you have, a lot of these items I’d love to own but I can’t justify the money!
See you all soon.



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