Burnt// Halloween Look

Halloween is always exciting isn’t it, I mean it’s not everyday you get to create burns and wounds on your face and body. For this look I wanted to keep it easy. Using latex, fake blood and eyeshadow to create the monster of the burn. I did a normal everyday look on the other half not a full glam as I wanted to make this look easy, just a light contour and a winged liner.

This look is so simple to create all it takes is some patience with the build up and placement of the fake blood and latex. Not only is it that I love how this turned it but I also love how the image turned out and how there is a shadow over the whole image to add a smokey feel. Spooky!!

My tip before using latex is to deep cleanse your skin before and after due to the ingredients in it it often breaks people out and we don’t want that… I mean I’m suffering at the moment.

What do you think??



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