Glam werewolf // Halloween Makeup

Halloween has become one of my favourite times of year, still not beating Christmas though. I’ve never really been one to celebrate Halloween I’ve always kind of forgot it was a thing. This year I’m going all out with makeup and outfit, I’ve been playing around and I know exactly what I’m doing but I won’t be showing you guys my official halloqueen (see what I did there) look until nearer the time.

For this look I was inspired by werewolf’s I’ve never been one to be like I’m going as an animal for Halloween but I feel like this look would look amazing with a red riding hood outfit. This look was so easy to do like if my outfit doesn’t come off I’m for sure doing this it literally only took 10 minutes… crazy.

For this look I used the makeup revolution skin fader… basically like a face paint, this was super creamy and a little but goes a long way. You can layer it up and it doesn’t crack which is perfect. I did about 2 layers. I used my maybeline liquid eyeliner to create depth in the face and my makeup revolution eyeshadow pallet using the grey and black tones to act as shading and contouring. I elongated the wings out both sides of the face, on the glam side I did the same wing with it coming in so that it’s even and it gives more of a dramatic look.. drama is what we need for Halloween. Around the mouth area on the “not so glam” side I used liquid latex and fake blood. Acting as if I had blood coming out of my mouth.Both these products are from makeup revolution. I have to say out of all of the makeup revolution range the fake blood is my least favourite as I find it’s too pink for me, so I use a little bit and mix it with some brown eyeshadows and it creates the perfect colour. The whole makeup revolution range as to what I’ve tried is incredible though and for the price it is a must.

Buy here:

Let me know if you want to see some more looks, and I will for sure do them I’m loving being creative with Halloween at the moment.



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