Its a two way stripe

Im a sucker for an outfit that not only looks stylish but is comfy. I have been loving tracksuit style bottoms recently. I picked up these trousers the other day from Pretty little thing, I was drawn to the side stripes they add that little extra to the outfit.

These trousers are tightfitting around your waist but allow room for your bum so if you have an hourglass figure like myself they’re perfect for you, very complimentary. But I would say don’t panic when at first you cant get them over your bum, once on they fit like a dream.

I styled this with a bandeau bodysuit, my CDG converse, Guess bag and my very oversized Sunglasses because I wanted to be extra, when am I not.

I loved the overall appearance of this look. Not only is it stylish  it is super comfy and practical for any daytime event.It looks incredible with a denim jacket draped over the shoulders. Very Sassy. I’ve had so many compliments on these trousers, thank god i’m not the only one that’s obsessed with them.


Thank you.



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