Festival or Festivities


I’m a sucker for anything that screams festivals and this jumpsuit from pretty little thing has caught my attention. At just £45 it really is a festival stapl. Not only is it perfect for festivals but just imagine wearing this beauty to a Christmas party, You really would be the belle of the ball.

This jumpsuit is a bodysuit base with mesh legs, With sequin tassels layering this really is one “EXTRA” outfit.

I would recommend sizing up with this jumpsuit especially if you’re like me and your bum and thighs are bigger, due to no stretch being allowed in the mesh lining on the legs.

I have also ordered this in black, I cannot wait to have a wiggle on the dance floor in this beauty. I can see myself Wearing this for new years and for many festivals and raves… you can never be too glam for a festival… can you?.

Buy the Jumpsuit; https://www.prettylittlething.com/burgundy-sequin-bandeau-jumpsuit.html




Instagram: Marthar0se



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