The perfect Red Lip

Christmas makeup for me is all about gold eyes and red lipstick. Finding the perfect red to last through eating multiple dinners and sipping on copious amount of drink will always be a mission but I have chosen my five favourite red lipsticks to get you all into the festive spirit.

All of these lipsticks are ones in which I have worn on multiple occasions for Christmas party’s and nights out. So grab yourself a mulled wine and a chocolate orange and ill begin rambling away….

  • Clinique Lipstick ‘Matte Crimson’: This lipstick is not only beautiful but the longevity of it and the pigment is lick no other. Not only is it long lasting it is also moisturising and although it implies Matte I have found my lips to appear plumper through a slight sheen. This lipstick is very much a true red.
  • L’Oreal ‘Red Passion’: L’Oreal for me is a brand I know I can trust, incredible products all-round and affordable so what isn’t there to love. This classic red lipstick really is a Christmas miracle, lasting all day you wouldn’t think it was a high street product. Its moisturising and really does make you feel like star.


  • Sleek Matte Me ‘Rioja Red’: If you’re like me and love a liquid lipstick this one is for you this stunning red lipstick is perfect for daytime and night time , its highly pigmented and lasts its due course. I would say you have to layer it to avoid patchiness but for the price its a beautiful lipstick that’s handy of a night out.
  •  ‘Max Factor Elixir lipstick’: This is very much a true red… pure infact. Lasting all day, its very moisturising but doesn’t bleed. Perfect for that classic red lip.


  • ‘Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet’: Certainly on the more pinker side of red this lipstick although the priciest I would say it is one you have to manage more, recommending you set it with a translucent powder after applying. Other than that it is a perfect red lip that last all day and really does create that celebrity look making you feel fabulous.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

What’s your favourite red lipstick?



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