My 2018 GOALS

What a rollercoaster 2017 had been, but the only way is up. Take a look back through 2017 with me here:

Setting goals is something I do each year, it gives you focus and motivation for the year ahead. I would like to have said that I completed all of my 2017 goals but I would be lying, saying that “New Year New Me”, this year I am focussing on becoming a better version of myself.

My Goals:

  •  To be more positive.
  • Think before I speak.
  • Always put myself first, even if that sounds selfish in some situations its the only way you can be happy.
  • Learn to drive.
  • Keep a scrapbook.
  • Get into University or get my dream Job.
  • Do more Makeup Looks.
  • Keep being creative with fashion.
  • Go to more festivals.
  • Visit a new Country.
  • Go to the Gym and Tone up
  • Get a Dog.
  • Be Myself.

All of the Goals I’ve set I believe are achievable, I’m going into 2018 with a fresh mind-set and everything that caused me any drama in 2017 is being left there.

“New Year New Me”


I would love to know what your 2018 goals are, Leave a comment.


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Instagram: @Marthar0se


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