Such a Gem!!

When it comes to jeans there isn’t many thins that will make me go WOW! I’m not a jean person, I can’t deny it, give me a trouser any day.

I was shopping in oxford street in London and saw these in Topshop, fun fact: I work in Topshop in Cambridge. Anyway I saw these gem studded jeans and I was obsessed, we Didn’t have these in our store so of course I took advantage and purchased some. I am very much a Jamie jean girl over a Joni, what are you??

These jeans are not only so Extra but they really are different and are perfect for both dress up and dress down. I’ve worn them multiple times for nights out and also to work, can never be too glam. I have been pairing these with some red tops or jackets as I’m loving the whole Red and Black vibe at the moment, it really does look beautiful and effortless. You might have seen me pair this with my current favourite jacket in one of my recent posts:

Winter Warmers

These jeans retailed at £59 but *hint hint* they’re in say at the moment for £45 so get them whilst you can, you’ll be the talk about town.

Ps: Yes, the gem stones do come off in the end, remember to wash inside out.

What’s your current favourite clothing piece.



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