Nike Air Max 1 Premium.


When it comes to shoes these beauty’s have got to be the statement shoe for 2018.

Nike Air Max is a classic shoe and has been for many years and will be for years to come. Nike’s Air Max 1 have seen a clean and sleek design this season with tonal black suede’s and the redesign of the iconic tick logo, customised into a metallic font.

When I saw that Nike were dropping the redesign of the Air Max I knew I had to have them. I have never been more excited about receiving a pair of shoes since I managed to cop the last pair of the Air max premium in pink. They really are a beautiful shoe.  They retail at £105 for those wondering. Not only are they stunning but they are so comfy with the feeling like youre walking on air. The style of shoe is perfect for any occasion and I have found these to become my go to shoes, due to how sleek and stylish they are.

Purchase here:!uk!goo!pla!c!!!209400130021&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnOzSBRDGARIsAL-mUB1oVenX6Vlh-dyt4aQDne9-M2CwDeXdfxQ-S_Krg0FPLrkIsvP2Hv8aAujJEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

What are your favourite Crepes at the moment?



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