Glitter and Glam

Festival season A.K.A my favourite season is fast approaching, as this girl will be doing her fair share of festival looks to share with you wonderful people. I wanted to start off with one featuring glitter. I don’t know why I’ve said that cause in my opinion every festival look should feature glitter. Anyway I’m rambling on. In this makeup look I chose to keep it simple yet have a bold status about it. I opted for a simple eye shadow look followed by a bold glitter liner.

On the eyes I used the Huda Beauty warm brown obsessions Paulette in which I have been loving using the orange shade in to really create that sunset smokey eye. I won’t go to into detail on the palette so have a read here… Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions

To create the glitter liner I traced the outline of my flick with my NYX white liquid liner, I haven’t used this product in a while and found it to crack too quick upon application leaving your eyeliner flakey, so I would recommend it for little details and not a full blown wing. To apply the glitter I used my glitter gel in which I bought from IMATS back in may and it really has been a gift from the gods, my glitter has never applied so good. The glitter I used was “Red” from NYX Cosmetics. A very fine glitter so perfect for eye makeup. All I did was simply follow the traces liner with my glitter using a small angels brush to really work right into the lash line.

Top Tip: if you don’t have glitter fell use eyelash glue but be wary upon removal.

I am obsessed with this eye makeup and really think it is perfect for festival season if you’re thinking of doing glam makeup. The colours I’ve used all compliment each other creating a sunset vibe, a perfect summer look. I was memorised by how stunning the glitter reflected against the natural light and really bought the makeup into a new light.

I cannot wait to experiment more with glitter, bring on festival season!!

What do you think??

Let me know what makeup looks you want to see.



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