Check the Lady in Navy.

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Red has fast become my favourite colour in fashion, it just screams sass. Not only is it a colour of the devils it is the colour of the divas, perfect for me really. I have been adoring paring clothing up matching linking the distinguishing colours. When it comes to fashion My style is very much bold and contemporary. I love street style but never live by brands, I like to create my own fashion rather than just wear a top with a brand name on it.

This outfit is one I have been loving recently and it has received many compliments. The trousers are monochrome checked trousers with a contrasting side stripe, filled with bold tones. The side stripe really does take these trousers fro a simplistic style to one you would find in high end retailer. The fray around the edge for me is just adorable. These trousers aren’t baggy and really do adjust to your shape, a flattering tapered leg trouser.. what could be more perfect. I have paired the trousers with my ‘Girls Skateboard top’. This top has fast become a staple for me I have had it for just over a year now, purchasing it at Crepe City back in March 2016 (I do have a Vlog of that day). The colours within the top really stand out along side the colours that feature along the side of the stripe on the trousers. I chose to tuck the top into the trousers holding the outfit together with a simple red belt. Not that the belt is holding anything really but I think it looks adorable, and really does hold the power of bringing the whole outfit together.

The cutest outfit perfect for  a night out of a day about town. I have been wearing this outfit with my Comme des Garcons X Play Low white converse. The red heart logo is anther perfect statement with drawing this outfit together, and really adding that street style.

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