Girl takes on world: Prague

February 7th-10th,

I have always wanted to visit Prague and myself and my Bestie decided back in December to book tickets and take a trip out there. We book our tickets with Ryan Air flying out from Stansted Airport at 8.55 am Wednesday morning, of course fitting in the classic whether-spoons breakfast before hand, has to be done doesn’t it.

During our rime in Prague we took a lot of museum visits; The Wax museum, torture museum, sex museum. We shopped till we dropped and also had a go at the UV Golf. We ate alot along with having a look at what their night life is like every night…  the last day we were broken girls.

Our hotel was located near the main square so perfect location, right by the wax museum and even better it had a cake shop as its restaurant, like being in heaven. The room was a twin room and just to our luck we had a Jacuzzi bath, luckily we bought our bikinis, Chilling out in there after a long days walking and taking in the sights. would 100% recommend.

Hotel: click here

I have to say the people and food out there was lovely all so friendly and willing to help and the food was to die for. Nothing is better than a perfect hot chocolate.. am i right or am i right. I would 100% go back to Prague and its a stunning city with a lot of culture behind it.


Where have you recently visited?



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