Black and Yellow.

img_3770Yellow has fast become one of my favourite colours within fashion. I know if was only two weeks ago I was saying red is my favourite but slowly but surely yellow is creeping up, especially coming into the spring time.I love it it is so bright and colourful and really does put you in the best mood.

My current go to outfit is what I believe is possibly one of my favourite outfits. I purchased these leggings with a yellow side stripe running down from Topshop. As soon as I saw them come into store I knew I had to have them, they literally are my style in a legging. I paired it with my yellow “Shhhhh” hoodie. This outfit just screams comfort and really is a statement outfit. I have worn it to work many times on a long day. The leggings are so flattering and really do make your booty pop, what more could you want.

Purchase the Leggings:

whats your favourite colour at the moment?



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