Bad Girl Bang Mascara.


When it comes to mascara I am beyond critical, recently my lashes are non existent forcing me to become more familiar with falsies. I have gone through hell and back with some mascaras, from reactions to panda eyes. As soon as I saw that benefit were releasing a new mascara, that claimed to be out of this world, I was eager to try it. I picked up this mascara in Sephora in Prague, as it was the first place I had seen it on sale at. I couldn’t wait to test it out!

First off I want to talk about the packaging. Benefit have created a simplistic body with an edgy top. I love the typeography that has been displayed with the metallic pink contrasting against the silver, really does create a galactic feel.

The wand is something that I love its very petite and thin to really get between the lashes and the hidden lashes to create that extra volume and length that all of us girly desire.The wand reminds me of the L’Oreal push up drama mascara, which is one of my favourite ever mascaras.

Upon first application I was amazed, all it took was one layer and my lashes went from non existent to WOW!! It provides that false lash look without the effort of false lashes, benefit really have got you girls. I wore this mascara all day and all night there was no flaking, my lashes stayed perfectly curled and longer than ever, I honestly do not have any criticism over it. Its even waterproof, trust me I know; A sad movie + Bad girl Bang = a winning combination.


[Bad Girl Bang with one layer.]

I would 100% recommend I have been obsessed, I haven’t touched another mascara since purchasing. I have never felt more confident in my lashes.

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