One of the most anticipated drops of the year happened on March 30th, The drop of the OFF WHITE X VAPORMAX. Everyone was entering raffles last right and centre to try and cop. I entered the Offspring Raffle on instagram. I never win at anything.. ike ever; so when I got the notification pop up from ‘@offspringHQ’ I was gobsmacked, never been so excited to receive a Direct message on instagram.

I went down to Selfridges on Bank Holiday Monday, making my way to the offspring concession within the store, there was a separate barrier for the raffle winners. I went to the desk said my name and paid for the shoes, walking out with the double bagged Selfridges I felt so boujee.

The creps retail for £210, with normal vapormax retailing for £170. I am extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to cop them. Many people questioned me “Why aren’t you selling?”. For me the whole point of entering the raffle was to cop the creps for myself and not to make more money off them. With them being such a rare and well hyped shoe I wanted to be able to say they’re mine.

I wear them with pride knowing that people are looking at me when I walk. Ive had people come up to me complimenting me on them and people nudging their mates to check them out. I believe that these are a fire cop, and with Virgil Abloh making moves in the industry I am beyond lucky to own these. What a creator!



Twitter: @marthar0se

Instagram: @marthar0se


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