Rainbow cut crease

We all love a colourful eye look.

I’ve been so inspired by colour lately so it’s only suitable to apply the pallets to the picture and create art. I wanted to create a rainbow cut crease with a bold liner. For this look I used the Revolution pro “regeneration” palette. I love the pigmentation and colour pay off of this palette. Not only is it affordable but it really is stunning… a perfect festival palette. It blends beautifully and you can really build up the depth of the colours without it looking messy. Using warm tones on top and cool tones on the bottom it really did create a beautiful yet bold colour contrast.

For the liner I used the Inglot gel liner in AMC. I personally haven’t worn liner in a good few months so the pressure to create a perfect wing was on. I think I did a good job in creating a wing but I still need to practice to be back on my game.

To bring this look together I applied glitter and gem stones to give it that festival vibe. I most definitely will be re creating this look for Parklife festival, it’s bold, fun and is stunning.

What’s your favourite festival looks??



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