Purple Rain

Purple isn’t a colour I would naturally think to put on myself, I’m not afraid of it as a colour but personally I find it a hard colour to work with, especially the more lighter tones of purple. I wanted to challenge myself and create a festival look out of colours I usually shy away from… purple and blue. We all know I am very much a warm toned girl, so creating a cool toned makeup look that I was proud is defiantly something to tick off my bucket list.

For this look I bought back the classic halo eye also known as “Spotlight eye”. Using the Urban Decay Full spectrum palette. I wanted the focus the be on the eye so I used a matte nude lip to draw the attention to the drama created by the cool tones.

I loved the outcome of this eye look and I had so much fun creating it. Ive never blended so much in my life. It wouldn’t be a Festival look without using glitter so I wanted to create a glitter tear dropping from the centre simply tapping the holographic glitter onto my waterline with a tiny brush and some fixing gel. I kept the face makeup simple with a tiny bit of glitter down one side of my cheek acting as a intense highlight, nothing says festival like some glittered cheekbones.

Are you a festival freak or a laid back girl?



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